The Kids

Meet Dustin

Age: 5

Favorites: his favorite color is blue, favorite movie is CARS, and he loves to help daddy work. :)

Dustin was diagnosed with medulloblastoma 5/08, just 2 weeks after his 5th birthday. He has been through 2 resections, 31 rounds of radiation, and is now taking high dose chemo at St Judes in Memphis.

Meet Bailey

Age: 7
Favorites: Video games, playing Wii, cross country trips, his sisters, Webkins
Diagnosed with Stage III Rhabdomyosarcoma in April 2006, an aggressive soft muscle tumor. He finished his last dose of chemo on Valentine's Day of 2007. He relapsed less than one month after that. After that he relapsed his family told that he had less that 10% chance of survival.

Bailey's most recent scans showed no signs of tumor or cancer cells! He will continue chemotherapy for another 2 years.
carepage: SuperBay

Meet Kieran
Age: 4
Favorites: Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear, his blue Blankie, Power Rangers, Star Wars, and playing with Cars and little men. He loves to play Candyland and Wii. His favorite color is blue and his favorite people are Hope and Haley his sisters. Kieran loves the beach.

Diagnosed February 07 Stage IV Neuroblastoma. After six rounds of chemo and 1 stem cell transplant he went NED (no evidence of disease) 9/22/07. Currently receiving 3F8 Antibodies at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.
carepages: KieranClyde

Meet Jessica
Age: 17
Favorites: literature (especially classic poetry), photography, music, owls

Diagnosed June 2006 with a Grade 3 (anaplastic) astrocytoma
Beautiful Jessica earned her wings June 9, 2007, 3 days after her 17th birthday.

Meet Lukas

Age: 18 months
Favorites: balls, Nana, music, dancing and singing himself to sleep, big brother Theron
Diagnosed 11/07 Stage IV Neuroblastoma

Lukas is now completely blind due to treatments. But he is CANCER-FREE!

Meet John Eric
Age: almost 2
Favorites: golf cart rides, cows, ANYTHING John Deere, his red wagon, his blue bear lovey, Superman, bubbles
Diagnosed 9/07 Neuroblastoma and earned his angel wings 5/08
carepage: JohnEricBartels

Meet Jessica

Age: 9
Favorites: photography, Akai the dolphin, swimming, being with friends and family
Diagnosed 3/06 at age 7 with Stage III Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma
Right leg amputation, relapsed 4/08. Currently receiving daily radiation and chemo.

Meet Amber
Age: 11
Favorites: Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, softball, cheerleading, pasta, the color brown and hippos
Diagnosed 4/08 Lyposarcoma. Completed radiation 7/08.

Meet Khalid

Age: 2
Favorites: Diego and Dora, his 8 brothers and sisters, green and blue, the number 4, and the short "A" sound. He likes to go outside and ride his bike and to play on the computer.
Diagnosed 3/08 Stage IV Neuroblastoma

Meet CJ
Age: 4
Favorites: Spiderman, Iron Man, the Hulk, his buddy Julian, chocolate, salad and nilla milk (pediasure) and playing video games.
Diagnosed with Medulloblastoma December '06
carepage: CJShaw

Meet AJ
Age: 14
Favorites: sports (football, hockey, track) playing the guitar, people, music, animals, movies, good books

Burkitt's Lymphoma stole AJ from his family in 2008 Read AJ's story!
carepage: AJsSpace

Meet Katie
Age: 13
Favorites: blue (hates the color pink), loves her TV and DVR, has a smile that lights up a room, is an excellent student, loves Anime movies and characters, WWE wrestling, purses, and cold hard cash (oh, and gift cards!)
Diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma on Oct. 1, 1999. Relapsed on Mar. 10, 2006.

Katie earned her angel wings in July 2008. Her little sister Erica misses her terribly.

Meet Cole

Age: almost 10
Favorites: red, his sister Crystal, Tae Kwon Do, skateboarding, Legos, Hot Wheels, reading, bike riding, playing handball.
Diagnosed 10/05 with Diffuse Pontine Glioma
Cole went to Heaven August 25, 2006
carepage: COOLCOLE
Meet Elias
Age: 6
Favorites: green, Marvel heroes, doing crafts and drawing
Medulloblastoma diagnosis Sept. '07
surgery to remove the tumor, 31 radiation treatments, 4 courses of high-dose chemotherapy followed by stem cell rescue

Meet Coleman
Age: 4
Favorites: His twin Caden, swinging at the park, bird-watching, dancing & singing, John Deere Green, of course his BUNNY FOO FOO! Has been waiting "FOR-ev-ah!" for pre-school!
Medulloblastoma diagnosis Sept. '06 (then 1 yr of chemo)
Relapsed Sept. '07 completed radiation, stem cell transplant.
Precious Coleman won the battle and earned his wings January '08, soon after his 5th birthday. Please pray for Caden.
carepage: ColemanScott
Please visit the TEAM LARSON STORE
Meet Julian
Age: 4 1/2
Favorites: Spiderman, yellow, his Mama (because he loves her "more better"), Lightening McQueen, dancing and he dreamed of turning 5!
Diagnosed 3/07 with Medulloblastoma

After 7 months of treatment and relapse, Julian earned his angel wings in January 2008
carepage: JuliansWorld

Meet Mikayla
Age: 5
Favorites: Playing dress-up, tea party, listening to Hannah Montana, pink, purple and princesses (she thinks she is one). She is looking forward to starting Kindergarten in the Fall.
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Treatments will continue until June 2009
carepage: MikaylaVanWey

Meet Kennedy

Age: 4
Favorites: Groovy Girls!, Spongebob, Coloring, Dancing, playing with her siblings
Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
In remission since June 2007
carepage: KennedyGarcia



Take My Life... said...

Thank you Michelle for being brave...
Oh and those kids are so dang good looking!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the grandmother of 8 wonderful babies and my heart breaks for all these little ones. I have signed the petition and admire all you are doing for these families.
Nana Lori

2boystwingirls said...

I "know" these kids and I know their stories and after looking at this site I just have tears in my eyes. There need to be more angels on earth like you. It just goes to show that anyone can make a difference! Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Michelle... thank you for putting yourself out there!

These kids are amazing



Theresa said...

You Rock. I love this site and can't wait to put the link on mine. I am really excited about all of the possiblities that will come from this. Keep up the good work, friend!
Love Theresa

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

*sniff* A bunch of my most favorite kids EVER! Thanks so much for all you're doing for our kids! We appreciate it more than you know!!

nomi said...

*more sniffles*! I have tears, this is WONDERFUL!!!! Let's make a difference!

Anonymous said...

God bless you woman! This is soooo awesome and I can't even begin to explain how grateful we are for what you're doing.
Caden and Coleman LOVED the pics you drew on the main page! Coleman noticed BUNNY FOO FOO right away.
Thanks to everyone involved in making this page a reality.
Peggy and the guys in Iowa

Unknown said...

God Bless you Michelle for all you do for these kids and families.
I am the grandmother of Khalid (dx w/Neuroblastoma 3/08)

themacdonnells said...


Thank you for adding Lukas to the website! That means so much to me!

You are an amazing woman with a heart of GOLD!

Lukas Mommy-

Anonymous said...

Godspeed Katie Krize! You won't EVER be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!! My son is in the battle against ALL. Wow, thank you for what you are doing. It matters to everyone of us. Pediatric cancer research needs a voice....lucky for us, it has one now!!! PRAISING GOD for you today, and everyday.

Much Love,
The Montgomery Crew
cp: mtmontgomery

Heather said...

I lay here looking at the pictures of these beautiful children and reading their stories with tears pouring down my face. My heart bleeds for the children and their families. I look at my girls (3yo & 5mo) and pray that God keep them healthy. My prayers go out to all the children. Thankbyou for doing what you do Michelle

Emmanuel Adewole said...

God will continue to bless your endevors. My heart goes out to all these wonderful children.

John 3:16