4 Sale - Meet The Artists

SOCKS by Sally
These bright beaded socks are yellow in honor of King Julian but they also come in pink, light blue, light green and white. They fit girls size 10.5 - 4.

Sally is a full-time mom and teacher personally touched by cancer. Her pretty socks are offered at $8 with 50% going to the KIDS and 50% going to her RELAY team!


These colorful bracelets are perfect for kids to give to each other. What a perfect lesson in "charity"!

$10 each and 50% goes directly to the kids!

Karla (pictured here with Molly) is a SAHM of 4 who was forever touched by our sweet King Julian and wanted to use her creativity to give back. Thanks Karla!


This gorgeous ensemble is handmade and comes complete with embroidered yellow sun in honor or sweet King Juju as well as the jewelry seen in the photo!
Periodically these frocks will run on ebay for you to grab!

Meet Nomi B! Stay-at-home mom to Myah and Hudson. In her spare time, she loves to design custom boutique clothing for my daughter and to sell on ebay (ebay id myahpapaya). "I am excited to have this opportunity to help raise money for kids with cancer. After discovering King Julian's carepage, I was hooked, and can never turn back."


Gorgeous personalized gifts for children are offered at i wanted to wonder, a great online store for beautiful handmade items.
25% of all proceeds from this area of their store will be donated to it's 4 the kids!

Nancy, pictured here with her husband and son, is half of the i wanted to wonder concoction. Her mom Pat makes adorable custom clothing for kids. Nancy creates Artwork and Hair Bow Holders for Children. Her passion is painting and caring for her family in Las Vegas, NV.


CHEMO HATS by Marcy...
These hats are just adorable and come in a variety of colors. There are adult and child-sized hats. Buy one hat for $10 or 2 for $15. You can opt to have one of your two hats donated to a cancer patient local to Marcy. 50% of proceeds are donated to "i4tk!"

Marcy is a mid-30's SAHM who loves to read, blog and crochet. She attributes her spark for pediatric cancer to some fellow bloggers she has met over the past year. She teamed that spark with her love of crocheting and together came the idea for chemo hats.



11 x 14 photographs for a donation. You decide the price and Val donates 75% ! "This photo brings me to a place of hope, happiness, beauty and perfection, which as we all know is not just a beautiful sunflower field but is Heaven itself.

Val is a photographer from Monticello, Illinois. Her favorite subjects are children and newborns. She also enjoys drinking coffee while keeping up with her favorite blogs, gardening, shopping, decorating my home, traveling, trying different types of foods and reading chic lit. She loves spending time with her top priority - her kids. "I love being a mother. It's the best gift in life."


NAMESAKES by Michelle...
These one-of-a-kind personalized pieces have been selling "off the shelves." Whether you are purchasing it for your own child or for someone else, no other gift will come close to honoring a child like this one will.
The child's name will be adorned with any details you specify! $40.00

Michelle Kemper Brownlow is a stay-at-home mom of three and a freelance writer, blogger, columnist and front woman for it's 4 the kids! In her spare time she writes and illustrates children's books and spreads the word about her brain's 4 the kids!

...MORE ARTISTS COMING SOON..If you see something you like or you would simply like to make a donation please use the CONTACT US button to send your request.