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The kids thank you for stopping by. It's a really great place we have created for them here. Above you can see my 6 special friends who are your tour guides for the day! I will introduce them to you from left to right!

Give Coleman your hand and he will show you to the About Us page where you can see how things got started. Julian will take you around the Chatter area which is the blog portion of the site. Here you can see updates from me or a guest blogger (maybe a little one!). Haley loves sharing her ideas of how to put a smile on the face of a cancer kid so check out 2 Help with her, she will help you find just the right idea. John Eric will gladly show you around the 4 sale page. Here he will introduce you to the women that create custom artwork to benefit kids like him. Mikayla will happily lead you to meet all her friends on the Kids page! She will show you pictures and watch the videos with you. Be prepared to fall in love. These little people will make a mark on your heart forever! Finally, Bailey will plead with you to sign our Guestbook. He wants to know your thoughts and suggestions. Tell us how you found us and what you think of our site. The kids are anxious to hear from you!

Proceeds from the sale of artwork on this site go directly to the human side of pediatric cancer. It's 4 the kids!


Unknown said...

There is nothing more amazing than what you are doing for these amazing children. xo

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

LOVE the new site. Awesome, awesome.