How You Can Help...

Be a gift-giver! Any purchase made from the artists on this site will support it's 4 the kids. Consider it a double gift - you are purchasing a gift to give and you are giving a gift to a child fighting cancer! Watch the site for updates on where your money goes and who was blessed by your gift!

Donate your time! Money is tight, prices are on the rise so if you can't purchase anything at this time don't fret, it's not the only way. Call your local hospital and see if you can start a regular story time in the chemo wing. Even if it is just once a month, you will be a blessing to the children there. But, don't forget to sign our guestbook so we know what our site inspires!

Spread the word! Pass this site on as many people as you can. Put a link on your blog or email me for the html for an animated sticker for your blog. Email your friends and family! Tell the world about the kids that have touched your heart!

Pray! Go to our The Kids page and scroll through their stories. Look at their faces. Let yourself get attached and then pray until your knees hurt! It's the biggest gift you can give!